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Featured Speaker

Photo of Devin Chohan - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Devin Chohan

Managing Director

Brand to Buyer

I am a well-recognised pioneer of innovation in the food and drink industry with the launch of the UK’s first aloe vera soft drink. Aloe Vera drinks and Coconut Water initiated the trend of ‘alternative healthier and functional soft drinks’. This was when the typical choice for a drink was a fizzy drink, or the healthiest choice was a bottle of water. Now 14 years on and after battling all of the elements of competing rival brands, jostling for coveted shelf space amidst industry behemoths, Covid, Brexit, and keeping up with the challenging changes of consumer trends; my brands have gained the firm position on the ‘must have podium’ for retailer/distributor and wholesaler. I now help brands overcome the two biggest hurdles and challenges they face…getting listed and ensuring their product is purchased over and over again.