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Featured Speaker

Photo of David Morris - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

David Morris

Independent Brand Consultant

Advanced Biotics

David currently works with Advanced Biotics, a multi award-winning Daily Microbiome Booster gut health supplement brand that contains science-backed prebiotics, postbiotics and collagen peptides. He works closely with food and drink supplement companies in providing a broad range of support through managing projects that include sourcing factories, supply chain, insights on global trends and seeking out new and niche routes to market. Following a life changing experience that affected his health significantly, it was through an anti-inflammatory diet that supported the microbiome that led him to full rehabilitation and why his mission and purpose is to help people understand the importance of gut health through nutrition.

Areas of interest:

  • Food innovation
  • Food innovation
  • Food trends
  • Sustainability
  • Nutrition

Speaking at: