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Featured Speaker

Photo of Catherine Washbrook-Davies - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Catherine Washbrook-Davies

All Wales Dietetic lead for Nutrition & Diabetes

Catherine has 20 years experience delivering patient education in both type 2 diabetes and weight management.

She currently holds a dual role across Wales and is a Diabetes UK Clinical champion.

Catherine is the all Wales nutrition & dietetic lead for diabetes for NHS Wales, responsible for ensuring a consistent approach to food and nutrition education across Wales for people living with diabetes.

Within this role she leads the all Wales type 2 diabetes remission project.

Catherine is also the dietetic clinical lead for the All Wales Diabetes Prevention Programme working in partnership with public health Wales and partners to instigate a once for Wales diabetes prevention programme.

She has gained a great deal of understanding and empathy for people living with obesity and/or diabetes and the complexities of coping with these through the use of motivational interviewing techniques and skills.