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Featured Speaker

Photo of Bernhard Strauss - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Bernhard Strauss

Director of Research

Camrosh Limited

Bernhard Strauss is co-founder and Director of Research at Camrosh a strategy consultancy based in Cambridge with a focus on the interface between technology innovation, strategy, and policy design as well as on commercial market assessment and foresight studies for various industries. Bernhard brings science and engineering expertise from his previous academic career in biomedical research, molecular cell biology and biochemistry to projects in different technology contexts including in the food sector. He was the lead author of the reports ‘The Evolution of Personalised Nutrition’, ‘3D Printing Technologies in the Food System for Food Production and Packaging’ and ‘Food System Strategic Assessment 2023’ published by the Food Standards Agency, and co-author on other food related reports such as on alternative proteins, emerging technologies, and digital platforms in the food sector.

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