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Featured Speaker

Photo of Aviaja Riemann-Andersen - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Aviaja Riemann-Andersen

CEO & Co-founder

Agrain by Circular Food Technology (Denmark)

Aviaja is one of the pioneers of the Scandinavian food tech scene. In 2018 she co-founded Agrain by Circular Food Technology. Agrain’s mission is to change the food system to become circular, by developing delicious and nutritious ingredients made from upcycled spent grains. Agrain is working with unique and patented processes. Circular economy and respect for our planet are the guiding principles for Aviaja, and through her work with Agrain and in several committees, she is promoting a more sustainable future. Aviaja is a member of the Danish Federation of industry’s Climate Advisory Board and also sustainability Advisory Board, and board member in the Danish Plant-based Business Association. Agrain has since June 2022 been a proud member of the EIT Rising Food Star Programme.