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Featured Speaker

Photo of Anne Rowberry - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Anne Rowberry

President, British Beekeepers Association

Anne is committed to developing beekeeping and improving bee husbandry; she gives lectures and practical demonstrations to other local British Beekeeper Associations, belonging to Avon herself. She believes strongly in getting young people involved in learning about bees and beekeeping and in encouraging an understanding of these wonderful creatures. Since taking early retirement, after a career in teaching and charity work overseas, she is able to further pursue her interests in bees and in Chelonia.

Anne has been a beekeeper for 12 years and run 20+ hives.  During this time she has studied and passed all the modules and passed the practical exams to become a Master Beekeeper. She has also passed the Microscopy certificate.

She gives lectures, practical demonstrations and has run study groups for Modules. She is an assessor for the Basic, Bee Health, General and Advanced Husbandry exams. She sets and marks papers for the modular assessments.