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Featured Speaker

Photo of Ann Trevenen-Jones - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Ann Trevenen-Jones

Lead: Food Systems Governance

Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (The Netherlands)

Ann Trevenen-Jones advocates for food systems transformation and is committed to realising impact through better, leveraging of multi-level governance, local data and effective multi-sector/multi-stakeholder engagement. Where such transformations facilitate the accelerated, inclusive and sustainable advancement of prosperous livelihoods and access to diverse, affordable, safe, and healthy foods for all – especially those vulnerable to malnutrition in all its forms. Her work spans global advocacy, partnerships, and programmatic delivery within urban-rural food systems in Africa and Asia. Originally from Zimbabwe, her 25-year career has evolved from working with rural and agricultural communities to engaging with city’s leadership potential on reinvigorating food system relationships as well as informal fresh food markets. She is the GAIN representative and co-lead with FAO, of the Urban Food Systems Working Group and the UNFSS Coalition on Inclusive and Sustainable Urban Food Systems.

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