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Featured Speaker

Photo of Dr Andrea Löw - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Dr Andrea Löw



Andrea started running 20 years ago and started doing 10k runs but in 2006 when she was working at Giessen University after a PhD, she was invited to start in the University’s team at a race in Frankfurt. Andrea then signed up for her first half marathon the same year and ran her first marathon in Berlin in 2008. She then moved to Munich and met runners that did trailrunning as opposed to street races and loved it. Andrea then did her first ultratrail in 2013 whilst thinking about multi-stage races. Andrea has now done 250k in 6 stages in the Namib Desert in 2027, Ultra Asia Race in Veitnam (160k in 4 days) and THE TRACK in the Australia Outback which is 520k in nine stages. This spring Andrea did 260k in the Scottish Highlands.