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We’re extremely proud to have reached the milestone of making more than 250 episodes of the Food Matters Live Podcast.

Podcasts are an incredibly powerful way to communicate with people – as well as being a lot of fun to make – and we’re really grateful to everyone who has featured in an episode. In the last 30 days, more than 7,500 food innovation professionals got a unique perspective on the topics that matter to them by listening to the podcast.

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Recent Highlights

May 2022 saw the Food Matters Live Podcast tackle some of the biggest issues facing the food industry.

Journalist, author and activist, George Monbiot made a striking appearance on the podcast when he called for a complete overhaul of farming practices. “We are looking at the possibility of systemic environmental collapse,” he said. “We tell ourselves we put our survival above everything else. I see no evidence of that at all.”

Dr Gunhild Stordalen is Founder and Executive Chair of EAT, a non-profit platform for food system transformation. She laid bare the challenges the global food system is facing and declared ‘it is killing us, but there is hope’.

We also met two incredibly inspiring teenage campaigners, who are working alongside the Food Foundation to tackle food poverty for children in the UK.

May also saw us look to the future with Accenture, as we delved into the influential Fjord Trends report. And we celebrated whisky, English wine, and the Queen’s Jubilee.

The top episode for May 2022

Post-pandemic – how shifting relationships are influencing consumer trends

After two years of a pandemic, how do companies in the food industry look to the future and identify opportunities for positive innovation?

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Overlapping silhouettes of elderly or old age people, raging population. Nutrition and age

Coming up next

In June, we’re putting nutrition front and centre.

We’re focussing on the link between what we eat and cognitive function, as well as how we can use our diet to help us stay healthy into old age.

We look to the future of alternative-dairy products, with Edlong. And how companies like Tetra Pak are trying to solve the global food system’s most pressing problems through collaboration.

Other episodes to look out for:

  • Career Conversations with Marie Wright, Chief Global Falvourist at ADM
  • 2017 MasterChef winner, Saliha Mahmood Ahmed

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