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Case study

Inspiring flavour innovation and taste in low/no alcohol drinks

The goal

Introduce the alcohol free market to Kerry’s new Botanicals Zero range 2.0

Kerry wanted us to help them generate a discussion about what low and no alcohol consumers are looking for when it comes to flavour profiles, and to help them introduce their new botanical range.

The Food Matters Live podcast was the right platform to bring together a panel of experts to explore the nuances and the future of what is a fast-growing market. Through a multi-channel approach we connected our audiences to the complexities of the market and boosted Kerry’s profile within it.

The process was easy, smooth, well-mapped out and Food Matters Live’s marketing collateral was ‘gold dust’ for Kerry’s social media.

John Kelly, Senior Strategic Marketing Manager – Beverages, Kerry
close up of four people's hands holding drinks
27-01-22Podcast / Food Futures Low and no alcohol: The art and science of flavour
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Pouring alcoholic drinks to make cocktails

How we did it

Kerry joined an already successful low and no podcast series to be part of the conclusion. They were the perfect fit given their expertise and position within the flavour industry.

Kerry and Food Matters Live brought together a group of speakers across several areas of the low and no alcohol market, including a ‘spirits’ brand, a beer brand, an alcohol-free consultant and, of course, an ingredients company. We wanted to showcase the challenges and realities of creating great drinks without alcohol, and find out whether consumers really want something that tastes exactly like a drink’s alcoholic counterpart.


The collaboration between Kerry and the Food Matters Live Podcast came together as a 44-minute episode that gave a well-rounded discussion about the challenges and processes faced by flavourists creating exciting low and no alcohol drinks.

Kerry’s Flavour Ingredients Global Development Director Michel Aubanel provided fascinating insights into the extraordinary lengths companies like Kerry go to to find award-winning solutions.

Kerry used the episode as a springboard to elevate their position within the industry and establish themselves as leaders within it. It also gave both unique insights and exposure for the new product offerings that Kerry had.

A promotional campaign that utilised Food Matters Live’s multi-channel touchpoints, including email marketing, social, and inclusion on our website, led to the episode finishing as the top performer in its month of publication.


Michel Aubanel, Flavour Ingredients Global Development Director, Kerry

John Kelly, Senior Strategic Marketing Manager – Beverages, Kerry

Danielle Bekker, Co-Founder, Good Living Brew

Craig Hutchinson, Founder of a portfolio of no-alcoholic spirits

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