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Case study

Exploring tomorrow’s ingredient solutions, with Brenntag



To showcase Brenntag’s ingredient solutions and establish them as innovation partners

Brenntag’s reputation as an ingredient supplier is firmly established, but manufacturers often aren’t aware of their cutting-edge product development capabilities. The goal? Showcase Brenntag’s formulation expertise thus positioning them as an innovation partner to potential clients. Additionally, demonstrate their knowledge on key market trends, specifically in the alternative protein and functional drinks space.

Episode series

An alternative protein burger, complete with bun, jalepenos, patty, red onion and lettuce. On a black table with a black background
31-10-22Podcast / Food Futures How to get a slice of the alternative protein market
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A selection of orange-coloured functional drinks on a wooden board
07-11-22Podcast / Inside Food science Functional drinks – more than just a question of taste
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Smiling woman scanning QR code on a product while buying in supermarket.
14-11-22Podcast / Food Futures A quick guide to clean and clear labels
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How we did it

A three-part series exploring the challenges facing manufacturers and Brenntag’s cutting-edge solutions.

Each episode featured an in-studio taste testing session of products utilising Brenntag’s creations, including hybrid chicken meatballs, meatless sausages and a botanically brewed energy drink.

This engaging format brought their creations to life and helped showcase their bespoke food formulations to an in-market audience of food professionals.

A panel setup enabled them to share their knowledge about trends and ingredient formulation, establishing them as thought-leaders to industry insiders.

The result

A multi-channel marketing campaign across our in-market audience resulted in 18,000+ newsletter opens, over 3500 social impressions and 400+ page views across every episode.

The series empowered Brenntag to demonstrate their innovative ingredient solutions whilst positioning themselves as thought leaders in the alternative protein and functional drink markets.

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