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Case study

Leading the conversation on sustainable agronomy, with Anglo American 

Success in numbers

The goal

To lead the conversation on sustainable agronomy and spotlight POLY4, a new generation of fertiliser protecting soil biodiversity

Synthetic fertilisers have helped raise food production by 150% since the 1960s, delivering food security to a growing population. Unfortunately, it’s come at a considerable environmental cost as they emit greenhouse gases, degrade soil biodiversity and reduce the nutrient content of crops.

Anglo American wanted to highlight the harm posed on soil health by synthetic fertilisers and share their naturally occurring alternative called POLY4. Containing four of the six macronutrients essential to soil health, POLY4 is a low-carbon fertiliser that is suitable for organic, regenerative farming.

Made from polyhalite, a natural mineral, it offers a higher yield, lower carbon footprint and superior crop health compared to conventional fertilisers. Leveraging the Food Matters Live platform, Anglo American sought to lead the conversation on sustainable soil management and position their product as a solution to widespread biodiversity loss.

Two episodes in 2021 blossomed into a fruitful partnership that is going strong today.

28-01-21Podcast / Food Futures What can be done to ensure that agricultural practices are sustainable?
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24-08-21Podcast / Inside Food science Can regenerative agriculture fix our food system?
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Earthworm on Mound of Dirt on Hands
23-09-22Podcast / Inside Food science Biodiversity in soil – why it matters to us all
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Eco onion harvest in kitchen garden. Onion bunch in farmer hands, organic vegetable crop, picking
12-12-22Podcast / Inside Food science Why everyone’s talking about nutrient use efficiency
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Aerial View of a Tractor Drilling Seed
09-09-22Podcast / The Big Issues How do we stop the rapid erosion of essential soils?
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What we did

Anglo American have commissioned a total of six episodes to-date, all of which were curated, produced and distributed by our agile team of podcasting experts.

An open-table format accommodated rich discussion and allowed Anglo American’s specialists to deliver thought-leadership around sustainable agricultural practices.

By inviting experts in agronomy, soil science and farming to feature, we helped to demonstrate the need for a sustainable, organic fertiliser, paving the way for a discussion about POLY4.

The wider series, developed over two years, forms a cohesive narrative positioning POLY4 as the future of sustainable agriculture.

The result

A multi-channel marketing campaign across all six episodes empowered Anglo American to reach a new global audience with their insights and innovation.

By framing POLY4 with a discussion on widespread biodiversity loss, we generated an appetite for their revolutionary organic fertiliser in a way traditional marketing methods failed to do.

Anglo American’s continued thought leadership, delivered via The Food Matters Live podcast, has positioned the brand as an authority on soil health and sustainable agriculture. Don’t just take our word for it either…

Why everyone’s talking about nutrient use efficiency performed better than any other partnered podcast previously and ranks 7th highest ever among both partnered and non-partnered podcasts.

Likewise, How do we stop the rapid erosion of essential soils? achieved a record-breaking 50.8% open rate, being seen by just under 7000 people.

Anglo American’s continued business with Food Matters Live is a testament to their success through partnered podcasting. We look forward to working with them in the future and helping to achieve their marketing goals.

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