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Accenture, a FTSE250 company, needed to share their knowledge with the industry

The challenge

Accenture do a considerable amount of work within the food industry, and within food retail. They wanted to share their huge amount of knowledge and insight to this key demographic for their business, in a new and original way.

What we did

In a series of episodes, Accenture assembled their experts to explain how the retail sector is changing, and what grocers, supermarkets, brands and producers need to do to engage with the needs of consumers. The pandemic fundamentally changed the way shoppers look at the retailers they frequent, and the first episode examined how in a world where getting your shopping delivered is ‘normal’ that bricks and mortar retailers could connect and build loyalty with their customers.

“But it was really interesting talking to consumers during the pandemic, hearing their stories of how they started to look forward to going to the supermarket, suddenly, that became that outing, and then taking their time to actually browse all of the aisles.”


A further two episodes expanded on Accenture’s insight, investigating how indulgent experiences can build brand loyalty for food and CPG brands, and a look at how food and beverage brands can grow in the new consumer landscape that has come about since COVID.

Throughout the episodes Accenture’s passion and enthusiasm for food, retail and the consumer marketplace is apparent, as is the knowledge and market analysis they’ve built through years of working with food and retail brands.

The results


listeners across the three episodes


the episodes performed better than 90% of podcasts worldwide


listened to the episodes on mobile


listened to the episodes on Apple Podcasts

Listen to the episodes

What do consumers want from grocery retailers as we move forward?

Listen to the episode

In search of growth: what next for food and beverage brands?

Listen to the episode

Consumers need inspiration and indulgence. How will food brands and CPGs respond?

Listen to the episode

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