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milkadamia unsweetened vanilla macadamia milk


We are a band of tastemakers, workafrolics, and farmers.  milkadamia sprouted from the kitchen of our family farm on the East coast of Australia, near where the macadamia tree originated. We became milkadamia tragics, immodestly earnest about every aspect of our plant-based milks and creamers. We are overly diligent on how good it is, how good it looks and tastes. However, where we really are shameless fussbudgets is in learning to farm gently and regeneratively.  Respecting the living soil, conserving water while nursing new topsoil into existence, informs, elevates and enlivens our whole farming experience. Knowing that soil harbors microorganisms that store and utilize significant amounts of co2 regenerates our love of the land and our hope in the future. Then, the concept that regenerative farming when practiced widely enough can give our planet breathing space – snatches our breath away.   We are for food made with care and flair. We are for trees. We are for soil. We are for all of us supporting the quiet agricultural revolution that is regenerative farming.