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Since launching in 2019, over 75,000 listeners across the world have turned to Table Talk to hear the latest research, NPD, and innovations from the leaders in food and nutrition. In a world of digital clutter, podcasts provide a respite from the commotion as well as the opportunity to engage deeply with a topic on a deeper level

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You’re invited to curate your own podcast, joining leaders like Kelloggs, Clasado Biosciences, Gelita, Tetra Pak, Givaudan, Glanbia Nutritionals, Siemens and more who’ve reached a new audience by becoming a Table Talk partner

What are the benefits of partnering with Table Talk?

Curate your message

Our professional production team will help you create your personally tailored narrative. You can choose to have a large multinational panel discussion or just a single expert taking part, with completely scripted dialogue or free-flowing conversation around themes you identify. The choice is yours.

Receive multi-channel promotion

Your podcast appears on the most popular listening platforms, including Apple, Spotify and Google. As part of your partnership we also create social media Audiograms, highly shareable video clip soundbites from your episode, to drive awareness and amplify your core theme and message.

Access a valuable audience 

Our Table Talk ecosystem consists of more than 75,000 food and nutrition industry professionals, who work in all facets of the industry from food science, to reformulation, to marketing. Establish your credentials as a voice to be listened to, and a thought-leader who is contributing to change.

The Table Talk team were there every step of the way to help us with speaker briefing, technical support, topic advice and more. We’re thrilled the four episodes we’ve done are so popular.

Sophie Caplan, Taste & Wellbeing Communications Specialist at Givaudan Europe

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Why are branded podcasts so effective?

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The BBC Audio:Activated global news survey discovered that:

  • 94% of listeners consume podcasts while performing other tasks. This mode of listening elevates engagement with the brand
  • branded podcasts generate increased awareness (↑89%), brand consideration (↑57%), brand favourability (↑24%), and purchase intent (↑14%)
  • podcasts give brands a chance to explain insight, research, and expertise in a fun and conversational way.

This demonstrates the opportunity in the audio space for brands, and partnering with experts in this space offers an effective way for them to reach audiences in a genuinely meaningful way.

Richard Pattinson, SVP BBC StoryWorks

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