The Table Talk Podcast story

Launched in 2019, the Table Talk Podcast was created to provide a unique chance to hear directly from change-makers, ingredients experts, gut health gurus, and the pioneers redefining how we think about nutrition and food. See the timeline of where we’ve been and subscribe to follow the Table Talk Podcast story as we discover the future of food together

Our story

March 2019

The first episode is launched on 27 March, featuring guests from Cancer Research UK, Waitrose, and Health Action Campaign focuses on how the industry can support healthy behavioural change. The first episode appears at number 6 in the Apple Podcasts food podcasts category chart in the UK.

July 2019

Tim Spector joins the podcast, his first of two appearances so far, to reveal his groundbreaking research on gut health and its connections to overall health and wellbeing. Volac become the first Table Talk Podcast partner, with an episode looking at the growing world of active lifestyle consumers and sports nutrition.

November 2019

The podcast has reached over 11,000 listeners, with the top episode featuring Tim Spector achieving over 1,200. More than 40 listeners are tuning in every day from around the world, and new episodes focus on topics as diverse as sensory science, the challenge of clean label, and how packaging can be reimagined.

March 2020

In just one year the podcast reaches 18,000 listeners across the globe, with episodes charting in countries such as the UK, USA, New Zealand, Australia, UAE, Canada, Brazil, India, and Japan. New episodes feature a look at Veganuary, how to enhance customer experience, and the growth of alcohol-free drinks.

July 2020

Givaudan become the latest Table Talk partner, with a series of episodes focused on consumer behaviours following COVID-19. They join an illustrious group of partners including MMR Research, Kellogg’s, Siemens, Lieber GmbH, Sopheon, Glanbia Nutritionals, GS1, the UK Food Standards Agency, and Tetra Pak.

November 2020

Tim Spector joins us for a second popular episode, focused on how everything we think we understand about nutrition may be wrong. Other popular episodes include a look at the UK obesity strategy from both the government and industry POV, and how data-driven agriculture can transform farming.

March 2021

The new year kicks off with a focus on COVID-19 related loss of taste and smell, and what it might mean for the industry. COVID-19, and its impacts, are key discussion points on Table Talk, and a number of episodes investigate how consumer retail behaviour has changed due to the ongoing pandemic.

October 2021

Over 78,000 listeners have joined the Table Talk community since the channel was launched in March 2019. With over 43,000 joining in the past 12 months alone. The audience is averaging 100 listeners a day, with new episodes exploring the latest gut health research, next-gen plant based food and insect proteins.

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