How TetraPak reached a new audience with their insight and research

The challenge

TetraPak are committed to research in order to help them understand the changing nature of the food and nutrition landscape. This research helps inform the products they produce, and helps them understand how the market is changing. They wanted to share their research and learnings, utilising an engaging format, to ensure that they could help inform a wider audience.

What we did

Across two partnered episodes, Table Talk helped TetraPak share their research and insight with the community. In the first episode they provided details about the key findings from the TetraPak Index, their annual review of the global consumer food and drink landscape. COVID-19 had disrupted the status quo, and the 2020 TetraPak Index examined how consumers had changed their diets, lifestyles and habits because of the global pandemic and what that means for food and drink producers.

The Table Talk podcast is a fantastic way to add to a campaign, share insights or discuss hot topics amongst experts. The team are helpful, efficient and flexible which is why I have regular dialogue with them and have already published several podcast interviews with great success”

Jane Jarosz, Public Relations, TetraPak

Their second episode took a look at the growing market for plant-based, healthy and sustainable ice cream. With the global market for ice cream expected to hit $75bn by 2024, and with consumers preferring plant-based options and healthy eating, how is the market adapting to meet these new needs. As TetraPak equipment and lines are responsible for as much as 50% of the world’s ice cream, they are truly experts in the field. Their episode looked at the way the sector is adapting and innovating, and creating healthy indulgences for a growing consumer base.

The results


listeners across the two episodes


the episodes performed better than 90% of podcasts worldwide


of the audience comprised of 25-44 year olds


listened to the episodes on mobile devices

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