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Vidya Herbs



Vidya Herbs is one of the leading manufacturers of premium quality botanical extracts, oleoresins, carotenoids and essential oils with more than 20 years of experience.

Vidya’s ingredients can be used in food and beverage applications, nutraceuticals, sport nutrition range and for different health benefits. Sustainability is at the heart of the company and they provide complete traceability information to their farms.

Vidya are committed to Nature and believe in giving back to the communities from where they source their raw material. They deliver research-based products from plant source to improve quality of life. Their branded extracts include AfperFIT™ (Enhance metabolic rate), Skincera™ (Improve skin lipid barrier, anti-ageing), Asdamarin™ (Digestive health), Vi-spo™ (Prostate health), SUNCA™ (Weight management) backed by clinical trials.