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The Ground is first, an entrepreneurial, co-working space and a community filled with hard-working, innovative people who build scalable digital products. Having the innovative, creative community and spirit that we’re proud to see thriving here, we’ve also won over non-startup companies, freelancers, consultants etc.

Our hard-working entrepreneurs are passionate about sharing expert knowledge within and outside our community. The Ground and others host expert meet-ups and events, after-work initiatives, and make house improvements. We encourage people to feel like The Ground is their space. In particular, the companies are good at supporting their counterparts (designers, developers, etc.) in other companies, bouncing ideas and mentoring each other.
The Grounds’ mission is to contribute to Skanes startup community and city development and everything done at The Ground is human-, animal and nature friendly.

People at the Ground -aka Groundlings- are makers and world changers who take on the world’s complex problems with scalable products that have a BIG impact. We believe in sustainable, scalable businesses, and that the cross-pollination of great minds will help make the Malmö community even better.

Do you need a new place to sit? Are you ready to take your company and team to a new inspiring and creative environment? Or, do you sit on your own and feel the need for community and networking? Then The Ground might be the perfect match for you!