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Food tech innovator


SOUJI is an innovative and disruptive liquid compound that manages to recycle used vegetable oil, turning it into ecological soap / detergent, with a pleasant aroma, in one minute and without the use of caustic soda, or any type of corrosive agent. A classic way to recycle oil and make homemade soap with today’s technology. Presenting a completely new model of carrying out the chemical saponification process (reaction that occurs when transforming a fatty acid into soap) You just have to filter, mix, shake and that’s it! Instantly and almost magically, the mixture transforms into an ecological soap / detergent with a pleasant aroma and multiple uses in household cleaning: washing clothes, floor scrubbers and dishwashers. In this way we offer a totally new concept of consumption, where it is the user himself who manages his waste and reuses it from its point of origin.

Spain – Country Delegation. ICEX -Invest in Spain

Areas of interest:

  • Future food and nutrition

Interested in meeting:

  • Food tech innovators and investors