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Ruitenberg Ingredients

Ingredient innovator


“Inspired by Nature”

Ruitenberg Ingredients brings knowledge and ingredients together in creative solutions. At Ruitenberg, we make ingredients work. We’ll be happy to help you find a concept that makes your product stand out.

Ruitenberg Ingredients is a family-owned business and pioneer in discovering creative and innovative solutions for the food industry. Here, ideas, ingredients and processes all come together. You’re always welcome in our tech centres or by live stream, in order to work with our product developers and application technologists on your desired product.

We would like to present you examples of our concepts, combining ingredients and technologies, that can be fully adapted to your requirements. Take our alginate sausage casing Rudin®VegaCasing, for instance, or our vegetarian or vegan protein structures  Rudin®ProVega. Other concepts we offer are a sustainable alternative for conventional smoking, called Rudin®CleanSmoke, our functional savoury fillings Rudin®Filling and our Rudin®Jet edible ink prints, to personalise end products with. We’ll support you throughout the whole process, from the very first idea up to implementing your customized recipe on your production line.

For decades, we have been using Rudin, our brand name, for high quality, innovative products. The service of our application technologists to run our Rudin products on your production line is always included.