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Company profile



Ingredient innovator


    Qualiriso is a company that is focus on the production of Rice Flours and Stabilized Rice Bran with a portfolio that includes Rice Flours from Conventional, Organic (BIO), BTP (Babby Food) type of Rices from Japonica and Indica strains mainly from EU origin.

    Our products can be supplied in bags, big bags or bulk with different granulometries, nature or heat treated.

    Qualiriso is a recent company that invested in state-of-the-art infrastructures and equipment that guarantee the quality and food safety of our products.

    Our Quality and Food Safety Management System is Certified by IFS and BRC quality referential also Gluten Free, BIO and Halal certified.

    Qualiriso works with certified Partners to guarantee the Quality of all our products and Our team is highly qualified and we bet on constant training at all stages of the process.

    Qualiriso promote a dynamic circular economy that considers the reduction of harmful impacts to the environment.