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Proti-Farm BV

Ingredient innovator


Protifarm is a response to our urgent need to eat and drink more effectively. With the help of the very best food scientists, engineers, and experts from universities and research institutes, our passionate team is offering planet-friendly food solutions for a changing and more challenging planet.
With our functional, nutritious, and sustainable ingredient line, AdalbaPro, Protifarm is feeding the world today and nourishing the world of tomorrow. In the years to come, eating insects will be the new normal for a healthy lifestyle, and we believe that the future begins today.
Protifarm leverages forty years of insect breeding and rearing research and development from our sister company, Kreca, an established European leader in insect production. Using this expertise as a blueprint, Protifarm was founded in 2015 and has created the world’s first and largest vertical farm for breeding the Alphitobius diaperinus, better known as the buffalo beetle. Our facility in Ermelo is fully operational and can deliver enough protein to feed a small city, all with the footprint of less than a parking lot. This first facility offers a template for cultivating nutrient-dense buffalo larva anywhere in the world, delivering a healthier planet with healthier inhabitants.
Together with an international team of passionate people and partners, including the Wageningen University, Protifarm produces effective, nutritious, and functional ingredients for bakery, sports nutrition, pasta, meat alternatives, and more.
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