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Omya International AG

Ingredient innovator


Omya is a global producer of calcium carbonate and a worldwide distributor of food ingredients.

Omya has recently launched a new generation of innovative minerals. Be introduced to Omyaforte™, an advanced ingredient for Calcium fortification with remarkable high bioavailability. Effective Calcium supply is important in food and nutraceutical product formulations to improve general health and to promote active aging. The newly developed Functionalized Calcium Carbonate mineral Omyaforte™ provides high Calcium content through enhanced Calcium bioavailability.

In addition to Omyaforte™, Omya portfolio comprises the Omya Calcipur® range of ingredients based on high-purity Natural Calcium Carbonate. Omya Calcipur® minerals have an excellent whiteness and are especially suitable as food additives for Calcium fortification in a wide range of applications such as dairy-alternative drinks. Further, Omya Calcipur® minerals are used as effective extrusion and anti-caking aids.
Omya distribution portfolio ranges from natural colors through natural preservatives to solutions for salt reduction, tailormade for vegetarian and vegan food solutions.


Omyaforte™ 100

Functionalized Mineral for Fortification and Food Supplementation

Based on a high-purity Natural Calcium Carbonate, functionalized with our patented recrystallization process, Omyaforte™ has an innovative new mineral composition and structure. This unique composition ensures optimum acid solubility for enhanced bioavailability.

Vegan Food Solutions

We select trustworthy principals who can comply with the Omya values and quality standards to reinforce our value offering selected ingredients for vegan food solutions – covering food coloring, emulsifier, flavoring, vitamins and minerals. Our customers benefit from a group-wide distribution network and a dedicated team of experts.