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Company profile

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Website: meatless.nl

Meatless produces 100% plant-based textured products which are used by the vegetarian and vegan industry as an ingredient in excellent vegetarian and vegan food such as sausages, burgers and many others. We provide a range of textured products based on natural plant-based whole foods like rice, pea, quinoa, wheat, and fava bean.

Our white rice fibres are superior for applications like analog white fish or analog processed chicken. Our products are also used as a substitute for fat or meat in processed meat products to improve health and sustainability performances.

Meatless is low processed and made of pure natural wholefood raw materials and contains no artificial binders, preservatives, colouring agents, or flavour enhancers. We provide viable high-quality solutions for the food industry.

Meatless is a rapidly growing company, realizing 100% growth in 2021. In 2021 and 2022 the portfolio of products will be extended adding textures based on chickpea, sunflower, pumpkin and lentils (under development).

Gebr. Spykerstraat 1
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)113-271288
Mail: info@meatless.nl

Meatless offers you:
– more variety in raw materials
– excellent availability and scalability
– high-quality fat reduction, improved taste, improvement of juiciness
– excellent texture, different functionality compared to extrusion
– efficiency, high volume tailor-made production
– full technical support
– ready to use product, IQF packed or dehydrated
– sustainability
– price efficiency

Meatless products are used by the largest vegetarian and vegan processors in the world.

Meatless textured products are not made by extrusion techniques, which makes them very different from regular TVP’s. We offer low processed whole food textures, made from a range of different raw materials, both grains, and pulses. We are also able to texturize pure starches or food-fibre, which will open a full new range of opportunities in the coming years.

Technically we offer you a heat stable product which can even be deep fried, a product with an excellent water holding capacity and a very clean taste. The products are GMO free and within our portfolio we have hypo allergenic varieties, gluten free varieties and SKAL certified organic varieties.

Speaking at Food Matters Live, 16-17 November 2021.