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Ingredient innovator


As the vanguard of botanical solutions, we source, process and refine more than 200 plants from over 80 countries for our customers in the tea, beverage, food, animal nutrition and pharmaceutical businesses. You too can benefit from the power of botanicals:​

Grow your current markets and branch out into new ones – with better, more functional products. ​

Count on the long-term availability of high-quality raw materials – from our global sourcing and processing network.​

And take responsibility for future generations – by working together to reconcile ecological stewardship and business success.​

Let’s lead the way together.​

  • With more than 20 manufacturing sites and sales units worldwide, we keep our fingeron the pulse of our local markets
  • We have more than 90 years of experience in herbal products. Each of our products is infused with that expertise
  • More than 2300 employees worldwide- many of them with decades of experience-work to maintain your competitive
  • Sustainability and our new Go Zero initiative are an intrinsic part of our DNA


We are committed to environmental and social responsibility.

Accepting responsibility is nothing new to our fourth generation family business. We are convinced that holistic sustainable thinking and acting is an intrinsic component of our corporate responsibility and the foundation for long-term, value-adding growth.

As a global company with strong local roots, we want to promote sustainability both locally and globally and therefore comply with the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Since our supply chain extends all the way back to countries where our botanicals are sourced, we leverage our influence to improve specific social and ecological conditions in those countries through our projects. Our specially developed sourcing standard mabagrown® underscores our commitment to this goal. With our botanicals being sourced from over 80 countries around the world, our actions have a positive, global impact.

Go Zero

On our way to climate neutrality.

With, creativity, courage, commitment and collaboration, we are embarking on a journey to make our worldwide operations climate-neutral by 2030 – from cultivation and development through production and analysis to packaging and transportation.

Our promise applies not only to our group of companies based in more than 30 locations across four continents but also to our entire supply chain. This means that our climate- neutral business activities will begin on the fields where our more than 200 raw materials such as tea, peppermint, hibiscus, chamomile and fennel grow. Around half of our emissions originate here.