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Lionel Hitchen

Ingredient innovator


Lionel Hitchen is an independent, family-owned manufacturer and supplier of an extensive range of flavour ingredients and flavours to the food and beverage industry.

We understand the need to supply the right flavour first time and make sure it’s compatible with your intended application.  Our team of highly experienced flavourists work from a palette of over 3,000 raw materials. Many of these are manufactured in-house which means that we can create complex, unique and highly individual flavours for your business needs. The authenticity of our natural flavours has earned us a reputation as a world-class supplier to the food and beverage industry.


Our HiFruit range has been developed to meet the increasing global demand for natural ‘clean label’ and offers an excellent means to add natural, consistent, and concentrated flavour to many beverage applications.

Unique to the Hitchen family, the HiFruit range is part of our superior range, and the latest extension to our product portfolio.  A blend of extract from the named fruit with natural flavourings for maximum impact, where 95:5 rule is met for ‘Natural (Named Fruit) Flavouring’ labelling.

This ever-growing range of natural extracts has been developed by our expert flavour specialists in the Hitchen Kitchen, ensuring a ‘true to the fruit’ taste, perfect for use in a variety of beverage products, including juices, carbonated soft drinks, tonic water, alcoholic beverages to name a few.


Our superior ‘HiFresh’ range delivers high performance, high-impact authentic fresh fruit taste.

These natural products utilise the by-product from the citrus juice industry, blending the citrus peel oil, expressed from the peels of the citrus fruit discarded after juicing, with the citrus essence oils extracted from the mis-shapen fruit rejected by the fruit industry.

The oils are concentrated by high vacuum fractional distillation to give the whole fruit peel and juice character whilst removing insoluble residues, resulting in virtually colourless oils. They are typically equivalent to 5-fold citrus oils.

This wonderful flavour profile captures the authentic aroma and flavour of the world’s finest citrus to deliver both the juicy and pithy notes, giving the consumer the whole fresh fruit taste.

These can be used in a variety of applications including confectionary, bakery, beverage and marinades.