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Company profile

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Ingredient innovator


KaTech is an international food technology company supplying textural food ingredient solutions to food manufacturers and brands.

Agility, innovative thinking and a highly customer focused service are key to us.

Our expertise in independently worldwide sourced ingredients, together with our technologists’ understanding of products and processes, means that manufacturers and brands are able to fast-track product development by working with us.

Our pilot plant facilties in Germany and the UK are extremely flexible and designed in order that we can replicate manufacturers’ process parameters.Teams at KaTech work alongside food technologists and process engineers from international food manufacturers, both large and small, to create technical solutions that work, and provide clients with a competitive advantage.

Ingredients we supply include starches, dairy and plant proteins, hydrocolloids, emulsifiers, fibers and pectin’s, in order to provide bespoke technical and commercial solutions to food manufacturers in the areas of dairy and dairy alternative products, meat and fish alternatives, savoury foods and sweet and savoury bakery products.

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