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Jamrow Trading Company

Ingredient innovator


    Jamrow Trading and Manufacturing Company Limited is a global supplier of high quality, functional raw materials and ingredients, which are sustainably wild harvested.

    Operating since 1982, we have become experts in providing products with beneficial medicinal qualities. These products are: Kola Nuts, Sarsaparilla Roots and Powder, Dogwood Bark and Powder, Ginger Root and Powder, Turmeric Root and Powder, Dried Pimento Berries, Quassia Wood Chips and Powder, moringa leaf powder and ground nutmeg.

    These products are exported to the Food and Beverage, Personal Care, Pharmaceutical Industries, used in Animal nutrition and Dietary supplements and as organic pesticides.

    Our raw materials are grown and sourced with the needs of the environment as a crucial factor, eliminating pesticides and herbicides from our plants, ensuring other species of plants are not destroyed during harvesting and that proper harvesting techniques are employed, leading to the consistency and quality that our products offer.