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    The HFMA is a not-for-profit, but financially sound, organisation that was founded in 1965 to represent the interests of manufacturers and suppliers of specialist health products in the UK. The HFMA is the leading UK trade association for the natural health industry representing around 125 businesses from across the UK, 75% of our which are SMEs, which manufacture and supply natural health products. Our members play a crucial role in helping to improve public health, with 55% of the adult population, over 25 million consumers, now taking food supplements on a weekly basis. We are the authoritative and responsible voice for the UK industry and work effectively to represent the interests of the industry at all levels of the legislative, regulatory and Parliamentary process.

    The HFMA’s network of experienced advisers provides an invaluable service to the Association and its members. Our members have access to these advisers at all times, and by sharing their cost with all of our members have this access for a fraction of the normal cost. In addition we have our Expert Panel of industry sector specialists, who are available to advise us on specific questions and concerns, particularly when our industry is misrepresented in the media. Our CLEAR CHECK service is hugely valued by our members, who have access to the service at hourly rates that are roughly half of those for non-member companies. This is the best advice that companies can receive, and this service has Assured Advice ‘accreditation’ from our Primary Authority. The HFMA also manages the secretariat of the Micronutrients and Health All-Party Parliamentary Group, and holds regular meetings of this group to discuss key issues in human nutrition. No other trade association can more have its finger on the pulse of all that is happening and be better informed and well placed to act appropriately.