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Company profile

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Galam Group

Ingredient innovator


Galam has been a global manufacturer of specialty ingredients, sweeteners and starches for the food, Nutraceutical & Animal nutrition industries for over 80 years.

From its early days, Galam has been focusing on refining the best of nature’s raw materials and is today the world largest beet-derived Crystalline Fructose (Fruitose®) manufacturer.

Headquartered in central of Israel, the company owns and operates 2 additional production facilities in Germany & Spain.

Based on its vast technological experience and market knowledge, Galam has recently invested $20M and opened its two new state of the art production plants for sc-FOS (fructo oligosaccharides/oligofructose) branded GOFOS™, available in powder and liquid forms, both with a strict quality control system and a capacity of thousands of tons.

Galam’s long heritage in the sweetener’s arena, together with its GOFOS™ portfolio as well its innovative and service driven organisational culture, is positioning the company as an expert in the field of sweetening and sugar
reduction solutions.

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