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Company profile

Ficosterra Logo


Food tech innovator


“Helping farmers to improve the profitability of their crops through the use of innovative biological solutions” Ficosterra is a Spanish company that applies marine biotechnology to agriculture. Our name comes from ficos (meaning seaweed in Greek) and terra (meaning land in Latin) is a reflection of our essence: to transform seaweed for their application in agriculture. We produce Biofertilizers and Biostimulants that regenerate the soil, stimulate crop growth, improve productivity and increase plant resistance to environmental stress. Ficosterra is a spin-off Hispanagar, world leader for over 50 years in the treatment of marine resources for their use in the molecular biology and microbiology industries.

Spain – Country Delegation. ICEX -Invest in Spain

Areas of interest:

  • Agtech
  • Sustainable food production / systems
  • Future food and nutrition

Interested in meeting:

  • Food tech innovators and investors