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Teen girls eating in the school canteen
Podcast / The Big Issues
Podcast / The Big Issues

Behaviour change: A case of mind over matter?

Food and nutrition continue to transform the world we live in, our behaviours and our health. However, many still struggle to make healthy living a permanent lifestyle change. We’ll be looking at much more than simply going on a diet to lose weight, but in fact why we find permanent behaviour change so challenging when we want to improve our health. We’ll be asking what’s the scale of the obesity problem? What external factors impact our behaviour? What ways are producers, retailers and nutritionists helping? Joining our host Jo Kirkland to answer all of this and more is Ed Gardiner, Behaviour Design Lead at Warwick Business School; Jenny Rosborough, a Registered Nutritionist; Michael Beber, Director at Health Action Campaign; Karis Betts, Health Information Manager, Cancer Research UK and Moira Howie, Nutrition & Health Manager at Waitrose and Partners.  For all the latest food industry news, views and insight visit

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