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Marigot Group

Ingredient innovator


Through our Aquamin range – Marine Minerals for Health – we offer unique natural mineral complexes derived from red algae and sea water. Our products deliver bio active calcium and magnesium from natural sources, but also and uniquely, contain important trace minerals. Aquamin is clinically proven to support healthy bone, assist in maintaining joint care and digestive wellness.

Atura Plant Origin Proteins was established by Marigot to meet the growing demand for diverse plant proteins. Our aim is to enable the food and beverage industry to sustainably meet the demand for protein. We offer a range of proteins including Chickpea, Red Lentil and Fava Bean. All of our proteins are manufactured in the UK to the highest of standards in our own modern production facility. We are focused on producing plant proteins backed by nutritional, sensory and application science.

Marigot is an internationally recognised leading producer of natural ingredients (marine minerals and plant proteins). Established in 1993, Marigot operates under a system that fosters an entrepreneurial approach. Our core business involves the identification and development of naturally derived ingredients for the enhancement of Human, Animal and Plant Health.