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Case study

How probiotics are revolutionising sports nutrition

The goal

For Lonza to raise awareness of the link between gut microbiome and sports performance

Lonza’s ambition was to highlight the role probiotics can play in helping people reach their fitness goals. They also wanted to introduce their new clinically-proven, award-winning probiotic strain—TWK10® to the Food Matters Live global audience.

The Food Matters Live Podcast was the perfect platform to bring together two Lonza experts to explain the science and real-world benefits of using probiotics to enhance and improve fitness. Through an exploratory approach, we connected our audience with a fascinating, and lesser-known area of the industry: the link between diet and sports performance.

woman sat drinking sport
01-03-22Podcast / Inside Food science What role can probiotics play in sport performance?
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How we did it

Lonza approached Food Matters Live with the hope of utilising our audience to raise awareness of their new TWK10® sports probiotic and how that can impact athletes, and those participating in sporting activities.

Across the partnered podcast, we assisted Lonza in raising awareness of the relationship between probiotics and sports performance. The episode delves into the science of gut microbiome, highlighting the effects probiotics can have, shining a light on a new area of opportunity for sports nutrition brands.

Partnership expansion

In order to amplify their message, Lonza expanded their partnership by running an event alongside the podcast, which included the same speakers. The webinar explored innovating in the active nutrition market where it covered the market opportunity, consumer trends, and the latest ingredients and technologies. The podcast was published within the 6-week event marketing campaign and upon being published, there was a huge increase in event registrations. The combined marketing effort of the event and the podcast helped increase the podcast listens as well bringing a quality audience to the event.  


The collaboration between Lonza and the Food Matters Live Podcast came together as a 27-minute episode that provided an exploration of the link between gut microbiome and sports performance. It acted as a springboard to outline an improvement of up to 75% in sports performance through the consumption of TWK10®.

Lonza’s Director, Global Product Management for Nutrition Products and Services Lindsey Toth spoke about their role in tracking the global trends and behaviours of athletes and people exercising at-home. It helped to highlight new opportunities for both groups that can be taken advantage of in the market.

A promotional campaign that utilised Food Matters Live’s multi-channel touchpoints, including email marketing, social, and inclusion on our website, led to the episode finishing as the second top performer in its month of publication.


Shane Durkee, VP platform Innovation, Capsules and Health ingredients, Lonza

Lindsey Toth, Director, Global Product Management for Nutrition Products and Services

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