Why Givaudan chose to communicate their insight through a series of podcasts

The challenge

Givaudan wanted a distinctive way to inform the global food, drink and nutrition industry about the technical research that they had conducted in response to COVID-19. Their research had unearthed some fascinating new insights into consumer trends, and how the marketplace was changing following the pandemic, and they needed a way to share that knowledge in the most engaging way possible.

What we did

Through a series of four episodes we investigated key areas of their research to discover the changing consumer and retail landscape following COVID-19, and how brands could react and adapt to grow and connect with consumers.

The first episode was conducted with a panel of experts from across Givaudan’s EMEA business to discuss the way shoppers were adapting their habits and diets following the impact of COVID-19. The shift to plant-based, healthy, cleaner label foods that help support healthy immune systems was discussed in-depth, and it was highlighted that personal nutrition awareness was more widespread than before COVID-19.

44% of our Europe, Africa and Middle East consumers have changed their food and beverage consumption since March 2020


A further three episodes were commissioned over the space of a year, each focusing on specific areas of Givaudan’s extensive consumer research. Their panels covered the rise in umami, and how brands need to take notice of it as consumers become more accustomed to the ‘fifth taste’ of umami in the foods they choose to buy, and we investigated whether the healthy beverage market was set for huge growth following the changing attitudes towards personal health and nutrition.

The final episode in the series looked at the extensive consumer research of more than 5,000 people across EMEA that Givaudan conducted earlier this year. This research identified four key trends in food and beverage consumption and shared how brands can use these trends to ensure they are meeting consumer demand in the future.

The results


listeners across the four episodes


the episodes performed better than 90% of podcasts worldwide


of the audience comprised of 25-44 year olds


listened to the episodes on Apple Podcasts

The Table Talk team were there every step of the way to help us with speaker briefing, technical support, topic advice and more. We’re thrilled the four episodes we’ve done are so popular.

Sophie Caplan, Taste & Wellbeing Communications Specialist at Givaudan Europe

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