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Featured Speaker

Photo of Pius Floris - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Pius Floris

International Agricultural Soil Health Consultant

Pius Floris started as a tree specialist in the early years of tree care in Netherlands. In 1977 he decided to further broaden his knowledge and moved first to Canada then to America. In addition to his work, Mr. Floris attended evening lectures of Dr. Alex Shigo, who at the time was working for the North Eastern Forestry Research Center in New Hampshire. Dr. Alex Shigo had a completely different view on tree care than was usual at the time. After returning to Netherlands Mr. Floris founded company Pius Floris Tree Care in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

Due to increasing demand from all over the country, the first franchise for tree care was founded, the Pius Floris Tree Care Netherlands in 1994. Since trees grow in soil. At that time soil was treated as dirt. Pius realized that every single organism on earth depends on soil. This triggered Pius to dig himself into soils sciences and soil biology. This resulted in creating the company Plant Health Cure in 1997. This expert company has become one of the leaders in the transformation of Agriculture with activities on 4 continents. Since January 2020, the company became part of the Den Ouden Group of companies.

Pius Floris has outspoken ideas about the way we should treat soils. His company is about plant health. Simply because only healthy plants can produce healthy soils and vice versa.