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Photo of Paddy Willis - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Paddy Willis

CEO & Co-founder

Mission Ventures

Paddy is CEO and Co-Founder of Mission Ventures, an investment company committed to building better challenger brands in partnerships between start-ups and larger food or investment organisations. Following a diverse career path, he entered the industry in 2006 as co-founder of Plum Baby, a disruptive premium baby food brand that scaled rapidly to secure 5% market share before exiting to Darwin Private Equity within year five. With a team of exited food entrepreneurs, Mission Ventures runs business support programmes for innovative food and drink brands and is the acceleration partner for The Good Food Fund, working with healthier challenger brands to tackle childhood obesity. Mission Ventures is also the venturing partner for Warburtons, the UK’s most purchased food brand, backing innovative baking-related brands via Batch Ventures LLP. Paddy is on the investment committee of Vala Capital’s British Ventures EIS fund