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Featured Speaker

Photo of Louise Dye - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Louise Dye

N8 Agrifood Chair in Nutrition and Behaviour

University of Leeds

Louise Dye is N8 Professor of Nutrition and Behaviour in the School of Psychology, University of Leeds. Louise is Academic Lead for the University of Leeds of the HEFCE funded N8 Agrifood Programme. Louise is a Chartered Health Psychologist. Her career began in Human Psychopharmacology leading to 20 years’ experience in the assessment of nutritional and pharmacological interventions on cognitive function and wellbeing. She is Associate Editor of Nutritional Neuroscience and the European Journal of Nutrition. Her research interests include functional foods for wellbeing, stress management, mental health and cognitive performance/decline and obesity and type 2 diabetes. She has published a number of influential systematic reviews and meta analyses on the effects of breakfast on academic, cognitive and behavioural outcomes in children/adolescents, and performed studies on the effects of different food components to maintain mental performance and prevent cognitive decline.