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Winning the battle of at-home food solutions: the long term impact of COVID on meal preparation with Kantar

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33 min watch
AUTHOR: Kantar
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  • Anne Benoist, Head of Insight – Brands, Kantar Kapil Sampanthan
  • Business Development Director – TGI, Kantar

Key takeaways include:

The pandemic caused an abrupt and profound shift in consumer behaviours overnight. With people spending more time at home, meal preparation took on a greater importance for many of us.

The session explores how the behaviours, media consumption and attitudes of British adults towards food and meals changed under lockdown, and how these are set to evolve as we move out of the pandemic and what the opportunities are for those in the food and drink sector, including, how to reach and target these consumers effectively and compliantly in an era when 3rd party tracking identifiers are being retired.

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