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The Whey Forward Series: High Protein, Small Format Applications

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48 min watch
contributor: Volac International Ltd
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Brought to you by Volac International Ltd, originally broadcast live on 13 October, 11am-12pm GMT, specialists and industry experts discuss the latest research and science which underpins how whey protein ingredients can have high protein and small format applications.

Dr Elisa Glover, Nutrition Specialist, will join Alan Johnstone, Business Development Manager, both from Volac International Ltd, explore dairy/whey protein applications.

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn about new scientifically-backed evidence around whey protein ingredients.
  • Gain insight from trend and nutritional experts
  • Discover new nutritional advice and guidance

Webinar topics:

  • Innovation through small format, high protein applications
  • The efficiency of whey protein to support muscle recovery and adaption
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