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Making better happen: plant-based oil solutions for better tasting, healthier and more sustainable product development

59 min watch
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Webcast content stream: Tackling obesity: transforming government strategy to improved health outcomes

Making Better Happen: Plant-based oil solutions for better tasting, healthier and more sustainable product development

Wednesday 10 March 2021

1pm BST

These inspiring presentations focus on how AAK’s ingredients can contribute to sustainable and appealing product development in line with consumer trends.

Key takeaways include:

  • Insight into AAK’s commitment to sustainability through better sourcing, solutions and operations throughout the value chain – Making Better Happen at the origin where they can have the most impact
  • The value of collaboration and finding industry partners and projects to create continuous improvement on the sustainability journey
  • Spotlight on the plant-based market – products, ingredients, processes and qualities, as well as common complaints and work to be done
  • The role of fat and commonly used fats and oils in plant-based products
  • Drivers for healthier bakery, the technical role played by fat and sugar and how AAK technologies deliver practical solutions to the challenge of creating healthier bakery products
  • Consumer trends towards positive nutrition and how plant-based products and solutions can deliver improved nutrition and relevant claims, with specific reference to Omega 3 and 6 and plant-based phytosterols

This insightful webinar will be of value to anyone engaged in the development of healthier and plant-based products, either through reformulation or fortification.

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