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Live pitch: Sustainable food production start-up EcoNomad Solutions pitch to investors at Food Tech Matters April edition

7 min watch
AUTHOR: Tilly St Aubyn
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EcoNomad Solutions create practical eco-technologies for sustainable farming. The start-up aims to reduce the impact of animal agriculture by offering small-scale solutions to convert animal waste to energy.

After speaking with around fifty small farms across the UK, EcoNomad Solutions found that the majority of them lacked the solutions to address the manure management problem. EcoNomad seeks to address this issue by enabling farmers to operate more sustainably.

The start-up offers scalable, modular conversion constructions that turn animal waste into renewable energy. The constructions work off-grid, in cold climates and are portable.

By using these constructions farmers can turn manure into biogas, with which they can heat water or animal shelters, and organic fertiliser. EcoNomad Solutions’ constructions are expected to deliver up to 3-5 years pay back period.

The next Food Tech Matters event is from 29 – 30 November 2021. To pitch at the event, please email tilly.staubyn@foodmatters.co.uk or book online here.

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