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Live pitch: Sustainable food production start-up Sibö pitch to investors at Food Tech Matters April edition

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Sibö is a food production start-up working to deliver sustainable solutions to the final consumer. Its mission to solve the food industry’s pains and challenges is achieved by using food waste and other uncommon materials such as insects to create sustainable and useful end products.

From the waste, Sibö uses BioTech to create food ingredients, sustainable packaging and alternative proteins and snacks such as Cricket Powder which are then used by food companies to develop new food solutions. It currently provides to manufacturers, food tech start-ups and food corporates.

Sibö believes that the use of insects as a source of food is not only a scalable and sustainable option, but also addresses the issue of food scarcity by providing high-quality, nutritional and healthy solutions for malnutrition. 

Founded in 2020 in Costa Rica, the start-up is now scaling to Europe and other regions with the help of international brand champions and partners. Fuelled by research and innovation, it plans more solutions to come.

The name Sibö is the primary deity in the Talamancan mythology of Costa Rica; he is the hero who taught people what foods are safe to eat, how to plant crops, and set down the rules of society regarding use the natural resources. The business model is embedded in time before agriculture existed.

Watch as Sibö pitch their solutions to investors at Food Tech Matters April edition.

The next Food Tech Matters event is from 29 – 30 November 2021. To register to pitch at the event, please email or register interest online here.

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