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Live pitch: Agtech start-up ProAgni pitch to investors at Food Tech Matters April edition

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ProAgni is a biotech start-up that produces antibiotic-free feed supplements for cattle and sheep. It aims to lower expenditure by providing 20% improvement in feed conversion and to reduce agricultural greenhouse gas emissions.

The supplements contain vitamins, sulphur containing amino acids, probiotic extracts and plant-based bio actives. The company claims that animals fed the supplements have consumed less feed whilst simultaneously gaining weight, ultimately making them significantly more efficient in feed utilisation than traditional methods.  

The start-up claims to solve the three biggest problems facing agriculture today: greenhouse gas emissions, diminishing resources and antimicrobial resistance.

ProAgni solutions decrease a farmer’s environmental footprint without increasing the cost of their production.

The next Food Tech Matters event is from 29 – 30 November 2021. To pitch at the event, please email tilly.staubyn@foodmatters.co.uk or book online here.

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