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Live pitch: Agtech start-up Phytoponics live pitch to investors at Food Tech Matters April edition

8 min watch
AUTHOR: Tilly St Aubyn
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Phytoponics designs commercial hydroponics systems that create nutrient solutions using plants instead of soil. Phytoponics claims that this process is more efficient and versatile than growing plants in soil, as it requires less water.

Hydroponic technologies use substrate such as peat, rockwool and coconut coir fed as replacement soil for the plants to sit in. These, Phytoponics says, lack sufficient nutrients and need to be replaced regularly which can be costly and contribute to land fill.

Phytoponics has developed a substrate-free, deep water culture-based hydroponic growing system. It enables growers to grow healthy plants that produce optimum yields, and also allows for the control of the nutrient system to control the roots environments.

The start-up is between Seed and Series A stages. Watch as Phytoponics pitches live to investors at Food Tech Matters in April 2021.

The next Food Tech Matters event is from 29 – 30 November 2021. To pitch at the event, please email or book online here.

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