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Key factors to succeed in the plant-based revolution

80 min watch
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Webcast content stream: Future of nutrition and health science

Wednesday 30 June 2021

12:30pm BST

These 2 inspiring roundtable discussions, brought together by Dacsa Group, showcases top executives from Dacsa Group, Next Meats, Lantern and Innova Market Insights to share their insights, experiences and expectations.

Key takeaways include:

  • Current market trends around plant-based diets, from growth figures and what is motivating people to choose plant-based to particular areas of opportunity and growth in product innovation & claims – with particular focus on Europe and Asia
  • A retrospective crystal ball! Insight into what Dacsa Group saw in consumer trends 10 years ago which enabled them to be there at the inception of this plant-based revolution and leading the market today
  • How to create brand identity as part of a marketing strategy and the role brand identity plays in fostering consumer loyalty and ‘stickiness’ to new products, ranges and businesses
  • The value of a strong company culture committed to R&D investment in technology, processes and partnerships
  • How open innovation and strategic partnerships with the right people can unlock the power of co-creation – adding value for all involved and developing exciting products that meet consumer needs. A ‘win-win-win’

This webcast is for anyone building a brand or business around plant-based products, and their strategic partners.

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