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Climate optimism – shifting the narrative on climate change

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90 min watch
contributor: Tetra Pak

In this webinar brought to you by Tetra Pak, hear from Anne Therese Gennari is a speaker, educator, and environmental activist, and the founder of The Climate Optimist, Role Models Mgmt, and Hey Change Podcast.

This webinar aims to shift the narrative on climate change so that we can start acting from a place of courage and excitement, not fear. Exploring aspects such as the psychology behind change, how we react and respond to different kinds of information, as well as tips for how to successfully communicate climate action, you will leave feeling empowered and eager to take action!

This webinar brings awareness on the issue of food waste, as well as the action steps that can be taken – from corporate as well as individuals – to create meaningful change. It will also cover why individual actions are important and how becoming the change you wish to see doesn’t just help build a better world, but will also transform your life into one of wellbeing, joy, and meaning.

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