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Aligning healthier product development targets with sustainability ambitions

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60 min watch
contributor: AAK
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Developing healthier products is a key priority for the food industry but how do you also stay on track with your sustainability commitments?

In this webinar brought to you by AAK, discover how you can align both your reformulation and sustainability strategies to deliver ethical and health credentials that are measurable and consumer friendly.

Hear from a panel of experts as we navigate the role of plant-based oils in bakery, dairy, chocolate & confectionery as well as the vegan space.

Gain an understanding of the journey these plant-based oils make from the field to final ingredient and the impact they have on the livelihoods of those involved in their harvesting, their environmental landscape and how this can be traced.  Sustainable plant-based oil solutions can be incorporated easily into existing products to help you on your journey to meet HFSS guidelines, make existing products vegan or reduce fat, calories or sugar.

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