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5 things learned from the Table Talk podcast in January

It’s been a busy month for the Table Talk podcast; travelling from the world of tea to meeting the first three guests on the new series of Career Conversations. But what things have really caught people’s attention this month? Find out more below.

1. The lengths you have to go to meet the needs of a flavour brief

In the podcast in partnership with Kerry, Low and no alcohol: The art and science of flavour, Michel Aubanel, the Global Flavour Ingredients Director at Kerry, told Table Talk about the time they were given a brief to recreate the feeling and flavour of riding a horse next to the sea. Some of the lengths it takes to generate these flavour profiles are quite extraordinary, find out more by listening to the rest of the podcast.

2. Even the most successful people still need a mentor

Rhiannon Lambert, the first guest on the Career Conversations series, told Elisa Roche about the time she realised the importance of needing a mentor. At risk of being overwhelmed by a quote taken out of context in the media, she sought the help of a mentor to guide her through future career roadblocks and challenges.

3. How to build a brand within high fat, salt and sugar foods

New legislation is due to be enforced in England from October 2022, which means there will be new restrictions on how foods that are high in fat, salt and sugar – collectively known as HFSS – can be promoted.

In this podcast, which is part of the HFSS series, Stefan Gates was surprising to learn that it might not be all bad. Brands can harness alternative forms of promotion, and there may well be new opportunities for premium brands in the market.

4. Persuading beats dictating when trying to change people’s eating habits

How do you persuade people to move to a more sustainable diet? And how do we ensure that we’re making choices that are good for our health as well as the planet? In partnership with Kellogg’s, we looked at plant-based foods within a sustainable diet.

By highlighting three factors; price, time and knowledge, which they say affect the food choices many of us make, we can look to gently move people towards a sustainable future in food.

5. What the past can teach us about the future in tea production

The history of tea is as interesting and varied as the drink itself. In this fascinating look at the history of tea, Stefan learns all about how tea travelled the world’s into the cups of Britain.

What role did smugglers play in creating the tea obsession in Britain? And could a parcel of tea really be worth the same amount as a limousine? This really is a teariffic (sorry we had to) episode.

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